Avanti Athletics

Avanti Athletics was founded in 2013 and now coaches more than 2500 players every year. Our goal is to put players at the center of their sports experience and play our role in preparing them for life. Having spent our lives on fields and courts, we’ve come together to share what we’ve learned.

Meet Coach Seth Ventimiglia

While every kid in the United States has the same opportunity, not everyone starts from the same place. Our goal is to give each kid access to great coaching, and without having to drive across the County. Coaching isn’t just about having the right background as a player or even knowing the right activities. Coaching is about understanding kids, how to motivate and inspire them, and all the small things that are a part of that: how to talk to kids, how to be patient, and even just how to have fun with them. Coaching is the art of teaching through sport. Effectively impacting the lives of every player who enters our program fuels our desire to master this craft. Thank you for trusting us to work with your child.

Personal Motto: Baking pies is not about getting done. It’s about baking pies.

Who We Are

We are a group of former soccer and basketball players who are raising the standards for player development.

We have spent much of our lives striving towards greatness on the field and the court, and have now come together as coaches with the goal of sharing what we’ve learned with our players.

Our Mission

To spark and foster a love of sports through our mastery of coaching.

Our goal is to put players at the center of their sports experience and play our role in using sports to prepare players for life.

The Avanti Coaches

Coach Anthony

Coach Augustine

Coach Abraham

Coach Naveen

Coach Wesley

Coach Wlad

Coach Erick

Coach Quentin

Coach Isaac

Coach Tim

Coach Masoud

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